QUEEN OF KATWE Premiere – Johannesburg, South Africa

QUEEN OF KATWE Premiere – Johannesburg, South Africa
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Original African stories told from an African perspective by Africans are usually only limited to small audiences, or just confined to African screens or maybe even pushed straight-to-video. But once in a while, one of those stories forces its onto the world stage either by accident or by human resilience. In this case, ‘Queen of Katwe’ is one such – a story about a young Ugandan chess prodigy who uses her intellectual reflexes and natural survival instincts to dazzle, surprise and beat her competition. But her victories at a game of chess were not just about the game but rather about something more profound and more transcendent than the temporary high and self-gratifying pat on her shoulder. It really was more than just that. She fought for herself, her family, her community and the pride of an entire nation.

Mexican-born, Kenyan-raised Hollywood superstar and Oscar-winner, Lupita Nyongo’o lets her talent shine as she loses herself into the character of Nakku, playing alongside another African-raised Hollywood superstar, David Oyelowo. You know, when Disney takes on a story, that means your heart is about to be melted, your soul touched and your spirit moved. And that is exactly what happens in this movie. Though produced and distributed by Hollywood money, ‘Queen of Katwe” is an African story that makes us all pride, for it was shot in Africa, had an almost African cast and crew. And that’s definitely a big win for African. Ayanda Sky of TMTv-SA caught up with some of the cast and crew on the red carpet premiere event in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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