Davlynne Lidbetter – COO of URUP.COM

Davlynne Lidbetter – COO of URUP.COM
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Talk about first impressions! In the first official episode of her highly anticipated show:
SMALL BUSINESS S.A, Daphne Fitzgerald, online marketing specialist and founder of Catchthebeat.co.za starts with a massive BANG! Her first guest: DAVLYNNE LIDBETTER! She is not just a woman who has conquered personal adversity but has had to show, endurance, patience, wisdom and resilience as she climbed the most difficult rungs of the corporate ladder. Having worked for some corporate giants in South Africa such as Primedia, Media 24, Forbes Africa and many more, Davlynne Lidbetter knows what is it to have a vision, set specific goals and fight hard to get to the top. Now, a well-known and very respected member of the corporate community, she’s setting course on another exciting mission: turning, urup.com into a global player in the digital media space.

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