A Song of Love for NEEL – A Young Cancer Survivor

A Song of Love for NEEL – A Young Cancer Survivor
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There is always a silver lining somewhere, regardless of the situation we find ourselves in. While cancer plagues the world in many different ways and sneaks up on anyone in any form, at anytime, the world is unanimously fighting to find a cure for it. Until that happens, though, we, humans always find ways to comfort each other and keep on raising awareness about this horrible disease. “Songs of love” an initiative created by John Beltzer to help cancer victims cope with their situation, where an original song is produced for each individual victim. Jo Galloway sits down with him to tell us about his organization, his collaboration with Ronn Moss and talk about NEEL, the young cancer victim for whom they have written a personal song… And there’s a twist in this story, too!

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