Disney’s Got Soul.

Disney has once again waved its magic wand, and produced a new animation that tickles the deepest part of your soul. . .or reminds humankind that we indeed have one.

Moana is a film about a young girl named Moana (surprise) that grows up to be the teenage Lara Croft of her village and the sea. Of course, no Disney voyage is complete without cute animals, adventure and witty wingmen, which Dwayne Johnson fulfills quite heartily as the narcissistic demi-god Maui.

Moana ticks all the boxes of the typical feel-good Disney film, but this time, it washes over audiences a little deeper than just mere animation and humour. Moana is a story of choices, bravery, truth to self, wisdom and truly immersing yourself in the nature around you . . . it speaks back.


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