Curiously Nataniel


We have always known Nataniel Le Roux AKA Nataniel to be one of South Africa’s most colourful offerings to the entertainment industry, and just when you thought you had the gist of him, he comes out with “Mannequin”.



Theatre of Marcellus was packed to capacity on the opening night of Nataniel’s one-man performance, and indeed the production was as eccentric as the star of the show. Showcasing his vocal abilities with an energetic live band, Nataniel intrigued audiences with his rapid and elaborate costume changes, as well as flamboyant set and lighting design. “Mannequin” was surely a production that took your head into another space.

Using music and video playback as part of his storytelling tool, “Mannequin” took a dive into the personal journey of the South African Entertainer, and it sure was a curious place to be.


For a night that will guarantee an entertaining trip, catch “Mannequin” at Emperors Palace’s Theatre of Marcellus until 25 September 2016.

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