"Inspire & Entertain" is not just a tagline or slogan, but rather the foundation that holds TMTV together. This online channel was not created just as another online platform that plays random videos. Much to the contrary, TMTV is our vehicle for entertaining our viewers with targeted programming with substance.
we also want to inspire our website visitors to look past the obvious and let their minds wonder into curiosity without reverence or protocol. Who knows, they might actually learn something or be inspired to say something constructive to someone; to really listen to somebody; to genuinely smile at someone; to perform a positive act they never thought capable of; to ask questions that once eluded them; to travel to places that never crossed their minds; to have unapologetic fun. That's right! Here, at TMTV, any of the shows we produce might just inspire you to LIVE... period!
Created as the online support platform of the unique and innovative television show “The Money Trail, TMTV has quickly emerged as a dynamic and exciting stand-alone online channel. Its programming is calculated, meticulously set up to take its viewers on a discovery journey – one that spans from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood in “From Hollywood with Jo Galloway”
to putting a bright and updated spotlight on the South African entertainment industry in “TMTV Entertainment News,” and “Docummercial” where sponsors and advertisement buyers are finally given the long awaited opportunity to tell the back-stories of their products and brands for a more intimate connection with their consumers. TMTV-SA was created to be an indispensable vehicle for all things South African. That means entertaining an eager South African audience with what’s important to them other than traditional television stations like SABC, E-TV, M-net and others.
TMTV-SA is a more current option for exciting, dynamic, informative and entertaining programming. Staying true to the ever-changing landscape of technology, TMtv will create a brand new experience by reaching its audience where they are today – on mobile and online – not where traditional television tells them to be. TMTV-SA… Inspire & Entertain.